Sketching together

45€ per person

Walk around beautiful surroundings with an illustrator and discover the power of fast drawing

During these two hours you will walk along the illustrator, up on the hills exploring secret places. You will sit and stratch what is around you and with the help of the illustrator you will learn to really sea and interpret what is in front of you and  sketch it down.

At the end of this experience you will bring home with you a little drawing book  filled with good memories.


Timetable is customizable to customer’s needs and based on supplier availability.
You don’t need any previous knowledg



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  • Destination
  • Departure
    Varenna-Esino train station
  • Return Time
    2 hours
  • Dress Code
    sports clothing, comfortable shoes, k-way in case of uncertain weather, water
  • Included
    handmade sketchbook
    Italian and English-speaking artist for a 2 hours long lesson
    material to sketch with
  • Not Included
    2 hours e-bike rental
    30/40 minutes ride with "Lucia" boat
    4 aperitif main course
    4 courses
    A platter of local cured meats and cheeses
    Access to the SPA area
    Aperitivo with "Bellavista"
    Aperitivo with "Franciacorta" wine
    Aperitivo with Prosecco and appetizers
    appetizer and main course
    At disposal: large pool and small pool for children
    Bike rental
    Boat tour of the center lake
    carving tools
    Changing rooms
    Complementary starter, water, two glasses of wine and coffee per person
    cotton totes
    Daily entrance to the location with direct access to the lake.
    E-bike rental (at choice)
    English speaking Chef
    Entrance ticket to the Orrido di Bellano and Ca' del Diavol
    Entrance ticket to the Silk Museum
    Entrance ticket to Vezio Castle
    Entrance ticket to Villa Balbianello and its Gardens
    Entrance ticket to Villa Monastero
    first course
    First main course
    Flight by seaplane
    Italian and English speaking-pilot
    Italian and English speaking-rower
    Italian and English speaking-tour guide
    Italian and English-speaking Captain
    Italian and English-speaking Chef
    Italian and English-speaking guide
    Italian, English, German, French-speaking tour guide
    Italian, English, German-speaking tour guide (occasionally French or Russian)
    Kit with front and rear lights, padlock, bell, mobile phone holder, high visibility vest
    lino black
    lino block
    main course
    Milk paper
    milk paper or cotton totes
    One glass of wine
    Paintbrushes and paints
    Painting paper
    Paper maps with routes on cycle paths
    paper or cotton totes
    Rear seat for children 1-3 years (on request).
    Reserved sun chair on the grass (one per person -NO for children)
    Round trip train tickets from Varenna to Abbadia Lariana
    Round-trip train tickets from Varenna to Bellano
    Round-trip train tickets from Varenna to Sondrio
    Round-trip transfer by boat
    Round-trip transfer to Borgofrancone
    Round-trip transfer to Chiuro (Valtellina) by minibus
    Round-trip transfer to Como
    second course
    second course and dessert
    Small swimming pool for children
    Soccer field
    Street direction to get to the Orrido from the train station
    Street direction to get to the pier from the train station
    Street direction to get to the Silk Museum from the train station
    Street direction to get to the Winery from the train station
    Supercar rental
    Tasting of 4 wines
    Tasting of 8 different types of cheese
    Tennis court rental
    Tennis equipment (rackets and balls) at choice
    Tour of the vineyard and the cellar with an english-speaking guide
    Typical dinner
    Typical lunch
    Visit of the cheese factory
    Water and coffee
    Yoga lesson
##10:00 AM participants must be at Lierna. Meeting point with the artist
Short walk and starting the lesson
During the experience you will sketch what is around you and with the help of the illustrator you will learn to really sea and interpret what is around you and with the help of the illustrator you will learn to really sea and interpret what is in front of you. At the end of this experience you will bring home with you a little sketchbook.
Return to your apartment by train.

Balance to be paid at time of booking.


6% only for online payment


In case of adverse weather conditions, refund of the entire amount. No refund in case of no-show.