explore one of the most beautiful and exclusive Lakes in the world

Starting from Varenna – the picturesque heart of Lake Como – our itinerant Experiences will take you all over the east coast of the Lake through astonishing historical and natural sceneries. Pick your destination!

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Varenna Holidays’ tailor-made trips and tours are designed and carried out by local professionals to showcase Lake Como best gems and give you a glimpse of the indulgent native lifestyle.

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Please, let us welcome you in Via Venini 19, Varenna, where you’ll get all the information you need straight from professional Laghèes.


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Whether it is your first time at Lake Como or not, you will create memories that will last a lifetime. The gentle breeze of the lake, the smell of the flowers in bloom, and the beautiful mountain peaks will accompany you throughout your visit. A unique place, just like the products that you will find in our Varenna Holidays’ Boutique in Via Venini 136, Varenna.



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